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THE VIE FOUNDATION was established to share our belief that life is about helping others and paying it forward. We have been blessed in so many ways, especially with healthy children and families. Many others are faced with critically ill children and financial hardships that create heavy burdens. We want to help lighten the load.
THE VIE MISSION is to provide support and relief to families in crisis. If we can ease the pain of one child or the burden on one family, it is a blessing.

Life is a precious gift. Mel and Jody, founders of Fleur de Vie celebrate it every day. Our inspiration to create this incredible collection of skin care and cosmetics came naturally. Together, we have spent 40 years helping women look more beautiful and feel more confident. We wanted to share our vision and philosophy of life with as many women as possible. It is very simple: live each day with gratitude and grace. Share a beautiful moment and a kind word. Empower people to help others and do good. Pay it forward.

While relaxing on a beach, enjoying the beautiful view of nature that GOD has blessed us with, we decided to build a company . One that allows all women regardless of age, race and financial ability to create a fun- loving, social environment, resulting in personal fulfillment and financial independence. We invite you to experience Fleur de Vie – the Flower of Life.

Live Beautifully,

 Mel & Jody



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